Advanced Bioenergy

Advanced bioenergy is composed from lignocellulosic feed stocks (i.e. agricultural and forestry residues, e.g. wheat straw/corn stover/bagasse, wood based biomass), non-food crops (i.e. grasses, miscanthus, algae), or industrial waste and residue streams, has low CO2 emission or high GHG reduction, and ability zero or low ILUC impact.

Advanced bioenergy, has the potential to establish thousands of new jobs, stimulate rural development and generate wealth within the growing European bio economy. Advanced bioenergy contributes automatically to energy security, reduces GHG emissions and provides a long-term continuous alternative to fossil fuels in Europe.


  • Advanced bio fuels | recycled carbon fuels | renewable liquid

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August 09-10, 2021

7th International Conference on Physics

Zurich, Switzerland

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